Octopus Pi

Octopus Pi is a music company spanning a variety of projects, primarily unique events in independent spaces which emphasise the experience of the audience.

We are also a record label; visit OctopusPiRecords.com
for more.

O/π aims to support unsigned and independent artists, nurture the local underground music scene and provide opportunities to touring artists.

Projects range from events such as Wormwood and the spin-off Wormwoodstock Festival; Whatispsych, the double-12" vinyl compilation featuring eleven Sydney bands and Whyispsych the film-length music clip for the compilation, currently in production.

Octopus Pi is Kimberley Galceran with support from visual and concept collective Optic Soup and a bunch of like-minded, passionate, do-ers.

The emphasis is on fringe music and arts that stimulate.

The emphasis is on the experience.

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Feed your head.

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    About O/π

    Kimberley Galceran

    I really hate writing bios and even more in third person so these are just some dot points on what I’m up to these days…

    I’ve played bass in a bunch of bands little-known bands over the past 14 years.
    I produce my own electronic music under the name Ki Mono.
    Wormwood :: absinthe & psychedelia is an event I created and have curated since August 2010.
    I work at FBi Radio as Venue Manager of FBi Social in Kings Cross.
    I host the occasional radio show - usually filling in on Radiant, New Weird Australia (RIP) or Ears Have Ears.
    I organise and promote other Octopus Pi events sporadically.
    I represent a few bands you may or may not have heard of.

    I really like collaborating with innovative people who have strange new concepts whether it be music, performance, art or a hybrid.  Feel free to get in contact if you have ideas. 

    My motto is “Feed Your Head”.


    With a heap of help from our sister Collective Optic Soup:
    Clare Devlin-Mahoney, Loz Adams, Alex Papasavas, Tom Hethro, Mel Papasavas, Jobe Tobias, Maddi Love.

    Background artwork by Nicolas Malinowsky.


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